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Startup hopes to become the Amazon of pharmaceuticals

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A startup in the medical field aims to make traditional pharmacy queues a thing of the past.

If we can buy anything from clothes to electronics and food online, why can't we manage our medication in the same way? Although such a system would require regulation, it would simplify the seemingly archaic requirements of purchasing medicines today -- a prescription from the doctors, waiting in line, rinse and repeat -- and modernize pharmaceuticals in the same way our retail space has changed.

Startup PillPack hopes this Amazon-esque future for our medicines is on the horizon. In exchange for $20 a month, PillPack will deliver prescription drugs to patients with the efficiency of Amazon. The core focus of PillPack's idea is taking the complexity out of the purchase and use of drugs -- before delivery, all of your medication is placed in "dose packets," plastic bags marked with the date and time for the drugs within to be taken.

By separating drugs for you and issuing clear instructions on the packets, PillPack's idea could help the elderly manage their medication without having to sort it themselves, and families would know if doses were missed based on which packets are empty.

The service has been in testing the last few months by patients as young as 12 and as old as 88 years old. Despite being mail-order only, PillPack is a licensed pharmacy. If the trial proves popular, it could herald changes in how we acquire and regulate our medication.

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