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Ripped from the headlines: inject current events into your phone games

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British startup wants to make gameplay more current while providing new ways for designers and coders to make cash: by selling "news injection" rights to news agencies, TV stations, or newspapers. New Scientist reports.

The company’s mobile-game programing system allows you to introduce 3-D animations of news events into the action in your game. For example, you can paste a meteor explosion into a game of Space Wars.

Similarly, according to company co-founder Ashraf Samy Hegab, if we hear about a millionaire football player getting into a fight with a nightclub bouncer, lookalike avatars could engage in such a brawl as you cruise by in a driving game.

Although news injection is's main aim, you can also use the system to expand the game map, or add 3-D vehicles you designed yourself. Watch a video on how to edit and make a game.

The system creates games for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone devices. Changes to games can be made in real time, but must be done in a computer browser. Their engine “lets you change the game on the fly, as easy as a drag-and-drop task in a browser," Hegab says, without having to know anything about servers or 3-D programming.

Adding news to make games more relevant is becoming increasingly popular. founders are hoping to interest news agencies when Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona later this month.

[Via New Scientist]


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