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Richard Branson to 'climate change deniers': Get out of the way

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British entrepreneur and Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has made his thoughts known about climate change, piggy-backing on Apple chief Tim Cook's words when it comes to renewable energy sources.

Cook recently said that investing in green energy is not, and shouldn't just be, completely about the bottom line and return on profit. The new Apple 'spaceship' campus is testimony to this world view, where the company hopes that the majority of its energy use can be supported by natural gas and solar gathering.

Jumping on the back of the executive's statements, Branson took a swipe at the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), which has questioned Cook's reasoning and requested returns on investment in renewable energy initiatives, believing there is an "absence of compelling data" on climate change.

"More businesses should be following Apple’s stance in encouraging more investment in sustainability," Branson wrote. "While Tim told sustainability sceptics to "get out of our stock," I would urge climate change deniers to get out of our way."

Noble, or in order to further his own ends, it is worth keeping in mind that Branson is an advocate of IFRs, also known as "fast neutron reactors," which burn nuclear waste for fuel. The idea had been around for decades, and while advocates say they are a safer alternative to standard reactors, critics claim they are unsafe.

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