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Radiate: Clothing that shows your hard work off at the gym

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Planning on working every muscle group? What if your clothing could tell you where to focus on next?

This is the concept behind Radiate Athletics, a crowdfunding project hosted on Kickstarter. Three years in development, the Radiate team have turned to funding from the general public to be able to produce their product in bulk and lower production costs.

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The aim of the T-shirt is to "allow you to see calories as they burn," and keep you going at the gym longer. As you work your muscles and they reach their maximum output, the shirt changes color to show you where muscles are working most and where body temperature is rising -- in other words, you can physically see which muscles are being targeted and which are being neglected. Thermal imaging embedded in clothing, if you will.

The T-shirt was developed using re-engineered NASA color-change technology, which changes how electrons reflect light depending on body warmth. Calling the product a "space suit for athletes," the team say that the material feels like silk, but is durable enough to take punishment at the gym.

In addition, to prevent you from overheating, the shirt distributes heat away from your body.

With 13 days to go, the project is fully funded by over 3,000 backers who have pledged $225,635 between them -- going far beyond a goal of $30,000 goal.

Via: Kickstarter

Image credit: Radiate Athletics


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