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NSA: Steve Jobs was 'Big Brother,' iPhone users 'zombies,': report

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The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance scandal keeps reaching new heights, and now a new set of leaked documents hits out at consumers that use Apple technology.

In a set of documents released by German news publication Der Spiegel on Sunday, the NSA reportedly called late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs "Big Brother," while labelling iPhone users "zombies."

The slides appear to be from an internal NSA presentation, where images from Apple's "1984" commercial were twisted from the company's original message of social freedom.

The leak suggests that the NSA believes the tech giant was both watching and controlling the public with its technological offerings. The publication says that the U.S. agency has been able to access data -- including email and telecommunication -- from all manner of smartphones, and the NSA allegedly has access to iOS geolocation tools and other data.

The slides are below:

Via: Huffington Post

Image credit: Apple/ Der Spiegel

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