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Nissan's rearview mirror brings smart screens to car safety

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We have rear cameras on our mobile devices. Why don't we use that same camera technology to improve driver vision?

This is the idea behind Nissan's "smart" rearview mirror. The mirror is a hybrid between a traditional mirror and camera, interchangeable at the flick of a switch, and is designed to provide clear rear views regardless of obstructions.

The automaker says that the mirror is connected to a rear-facing 1.3 megapixel camera -- sitting above the top rear brake light -- that feeds a live stream to the mirror's embedded LCD monitor. If there are obstructions to a driver's vision such as passengers or objects, she can flick to the LCD monitor for an unobstructed view of what is behind her.

The advanced driver assistance system is a smart idea, and one that can help reduce blind spots, and therefore, accidents. However, I would like to see a similar solution for the left and right-side mirrors, where blind spots can be more dangerous to drivers and those around them.

Via: Wired

Image credit: Nissan

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