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Nissan Leaf sales reach 35,000 milestone

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Nissan's Leaf electric car has reached a cumulative U.S. sales milestone, passing 35,000 since the launch of the 2013 model in March.

Nissan, a sponsor of National Plug In Day, says that sales of the electric vehicle (EV) are up 317 percent year-over-year since launching the 2013 model, and these sales are rapidly expanding in to new U.S. markets including Atlanta and Denver.

Efforts to promote electric and hybrid vehicle sales -- which remain at less than one percent of all cars currently purchased in the U.S. -- include the National Plug In Day, where EV parades, tailgates and live music events will take place across 80 cities in the United States on Friday.

Erik Gottfried, Nissan's director of EV Marketing and Sales Strategy, commented:

"Nissan is sponsoring National Plug In Day to celebrate the growing presence of electric cars like Nissan Leaf and the role that our owners are playing in spurring the next round of EV buyers."

A recent survey conducted by the EV project found that owners of EVs tend to drive less, possibly due to range anxiety or the use of EVs purely for short trips, and that electric vehicle owners tend to be more affluent -- unsurprising considering the short-term investment and purchase price of electric vehicles is often high. The Nissan Leaf retails for roughly $30,000, whereas high-end EVs including Rimac's Concept One comes in at an eye-watering $980,000.


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