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Misfit Shine: Adding a sexy sheen to wearable health

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Clunky bracelets and gadgets aside, a new addition to fitness tracking aims to be stylish, small, and suitable for the modern fitness fanatic.

The fitness tracking market is swamped with a number of options, including the Fitbit and Nike FuelBand. However, the planned next addition has raised interest on Kickstarter -- a tiny, all-metal activity tracker which connects to your smartphone.

Carved from aircraft-grade aluminium, the Shine looks less like a fitness accessory and more like a piece of jewellery.

The quarter-sized product tracks any bipedel motion including walking, cycling and swimming through sensor algorithms to help you reach your activity goals for the day.

Working without cables and charging stations, the Shine is waterproof and only requires a battery change every six months. If you want to check your activity levels, tapping the product results in a halo of lights shining through holes across the edges of the Shine.

The Misfit Shine can be synchronised to your smartphone by simply placing it on your phone's display. Once you have connected your product to an Android or iOS-based smartphone, an app analyzes and shows how close you are to reaching your fitness goals.

Rather than being stuck with a bulky watch or bracelet, the tiny wireless activity tracker comes with a clip that fits anywhere -- from your shirt to your shoes or bra.

The project's KickStarter campaign has raised $118,064 with 32 days left, which is over Misfit's $100,000 goal. The Shine is expected to retail for $99, and ship early next year.

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