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Levi's makes jeans from recycled plastic

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Image via Levi Strauss and Co.

The trusted blue jeans company has announced plans to make green jeans. In January, Levi's will debut Waste<Less jeans, eco-friendly attire made out of a minimum of 20 percent recycled plastic. In other words, that soda bottle you're sipping out of could one day be woven into denim.

The company will create these recycled jeans by crushing bottles into flakes that will create a fiber to be woven into the jeans. This collection will be available at Levi's retailers all over the world, and consumers will be able to see specks of brown beer bottles, green soda bottles, clear water bottles and black food trays in their pants that remind them of their environmental stewardship.

This endeavor follows Levi's Water<Less collection which features jeans that required less water to be manufactured. Levi's has already used over 3.5 million plastic bottles on this collection.

[via SF Gate, Bloomberg]

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