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In Seoul, lock your hotel room with a smartphone

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Remember the days when an electronic key card seemed technologically advanced?

Starting last week, a business hotel in Seoul, South Korea began handing out smartphones in lieu of traditional room keys. Guests at the Hotel Skypark Central in Seoul’s financial distract can use the phones to unlock and lock up their rooms, control the suite’s lights and temperature, watch television, and browse the Internet.

“It’s convenient for guests, as they can control the room from outside the hotel, as well,” Dong-hui Lim, public relations rep for LG CNS, the IT services provider that developed the smart-key technology, told CNN. “For example, in winter, they’d be able to have the room heated before they came back to the hotel.”

The Hotel Skypark has currently changed the locks and controls of 16 of its rooms to accommodate the new system, but will soon be expanding its service even further.

As of right now, guests pick up their smart-keys at the hotel’s front desk upon check-in, but those prone to losing their phones have no reason to fear: in the future, visitors will be able to simply download an app containing LF CNS’s services on their own smartphones.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

[via CNN Travel]

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