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In Japan, 3D printing booths launch

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Is the next step in photography a shift from the two-dimensional to 3D?

Oil portraits are worlds away. Digital technology lets us print off shots of our favorite captured moments in reams, but consumers in Japan can now enjoy a new commercial trend in the world of 3D printing -- three-dimensional portraits.

In what is considered the world's first 3D printing booth, the general public can have their 3D photos taken at the exhibition space Eye of Gyre in Harajuku, Japan. Open from November 24 to January 14 next year, if you make a reservation through the project's website, you can have a miniature printed replica of yourself and others instead of a standard print.

Three sizes are available for each 3D print souvenir; 10cm, 15cm and 20cm for 21,000, 32,000 and 42,000 yen respectively. Taking a look at the reservation list, it seems that the Japanese public are willing to give the next step in commercial 3D printing a go -- with group discounts no doubt an additional incentive.

(via Spoon Tamago)

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