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In Boston, pay your parking tickets with toys

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The city of Boston is spreading the holiday cheer this year by softening the blow of the dreaded (and seemingly inevitable) parking ticket.

This week Boston embarked on its 19th annual “Toys for Tickets” campaign, which allows residents to pay for any non-public safety parking ticket issued between November 29 and December 1 with toys for charity.

The ticket-for-toy exchange works in partnership with the Marines’ “Toy for Tots” program and allows ticket holders to resolve their fines by donating a non-violent, unwrapped toy of equal or greater value than their ticket. Those with tickets have until December 8 to bring in toys and have their fines nullified.

Last year, Toys for Tickets brought in $3,800 worth of toys for families in need.

Image: Charleston's TheDigitel/Flickr

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