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In a hurry to get some caviar? This vending machine can help

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M&Ms and Skittles, step aside. There's a new vending machine item in town: fish eggs.

Beverly Hills Caviar has created vending machines at that dispense caviar (and bottarga, blinis, Mother of Pearl spoons, truffles, escargot and gourmet salts) for anywhere from $50 to $500 a pop. Just in time for Black Friday, they rolled out the machines offering their pricey wares at three malls in the Los Angeles Area: Burbank Towne Center, Topanga Westfield Mall and Century City Mall.

Angelenos can sigh in relief: They'll never again have their hopes dashed when a late-night craving for caviar hits and goes unsatiated. (The Burbank mall is open till 2 a.m., according to the LA Times.)

But will people pay for the convenience?

CBS reports these reactions from passersby: "Oh my god, too expensive for me. I can't afford that," and "I can think of probably better things I can buy out of a vending machine than fish eggs."

So, M&Ms and Skittles, you may have a chance after all.

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via: Daily Mail, CBS, LA Times

photos: Gourme Tfood/Facebook

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