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How much do angel investors grant startups per year? [Infographic]

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The last few years have not been easy for startups.

Businesses tighten their belts, jobs are scarce, and Generation Y find themselves floundering after their education is finished. In order to put food on the table, a high number of workers find themselves turning to self-employment -- starting their own businesses, taking on short-term contracts, or looking for ways to secure funding and advice for the idea they're sure will make them millions.

Between the trend of zero-hour contracts and being your own boss, many would choose the latter. But how many angel investors are out there and willing to consider funding your project?

According to, a platform that connects business owners with investors -- as well as offering advice and help for would-be entrepreneurs -- the high-risk factor of angel investment hasn't turned off those with the chequebook completely.

Instead, an average of $20 billion is granted to startups per year. In the grand scheme of things, $20 billion isn't a huge amount -- but for the next wave of innovators without enough start-up capital, a little faith and a financial loan can make all the difference.

For more information, view the infographic below:

Via: VentureBeat

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