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How much caffeine is in your coffee: from Starbucks to Deathwish

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You knew you shouldn't have, but after being waylaid for a pub jaunt the night before work, you wake up blurry-eyed and in desperate need of an immediate coffee fix.

On the way to work, you are bombarded with advertising campaigns, slogans and coffee shops on every street. Before working out whether you want a strong Americano or a double-shot Mocha, you may want to consider how much caffeine is in each cup -- and perhaps you'll want to head for the one most likely to let you survive the day's toil.

A new infographic, produced by Thrillist, shows us how much of a caffeine hit we can expect from well-known American coffee chains.

The figures have been taken from the U.S. Center for Science in the Public Interest and are presented below -- showing how many milligrams of caffeine per ounce on average you can expect from a standard coffee from each brand name.

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Image credit: Thrillist/ Thumbnail: Flickr

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