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Google launches Hurricane Sandy tracker tool

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The tech giant has made a contribution to Hurricane Sandy preparations by releasing an interactive map tracking the storm's progress.

As Sandy steadily moves towards the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast, Google has pitched in by using their global mapping technology to create and launch an interactive map which can help keep those potentially effected aware and up-to-date.

All the usual warnings are in place, from potential power outages, flooding, property damage, transport issues and communication breakdowns -- all of which could affect not only businesses but the day-to-day lives of millions.

The category 1 hurricane has resulted in schools being shut, evacuations and transport networks stopped as the U.S. braces for impact, with New York City expected to be one of the most hard-hit areas.

If you are stationed across the East coast, you can take advantage of the Google tracking tool. Using the map, you can shuffle between different layers of information including the hurricane's current location, forecast paths, shelter locations, public alerts and active emergency shelters.

In addition, the tech giant has released a map focused on New York city, which includes the bulk of the data above and also includes traffic alerts, flood warnings and evacuation centers.

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