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Google launches Global Impact Challenge

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To try and help British startups thrive, Google has launched a competition aimed at "making the world a better place."

The tech giant is known for its presence in assisting startups across the globe. Last year, Google launched the Global Impact Awards to entice nonprofits to use technology to help tackle world issues, and now, after giving away $23 million to teams working on projects ranging from aerial technology that protects wildlife to encouraging STEM subject study, the firm is stepping up efforts that focus on the British startup scene.

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Google's Global Impact Challenge has opened for applications today and poses three questions to entrants:

1. How will you use technology and innovation to make the world a better place, and is it creative and data-driven?
2. How will you implement the Global Impact Award. Is the project feasible and realistic?
3. How will your team execute your plan immediately and successfully, and do you have a strong track record?

Ten finalists will be chosen, and the U.K.'s general public can cast their votes for a "fan favorite." Four teams will each win £500,000, Chromebooks and help from Google to bring their ideas to fruition. Finalists will be announced in May.

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