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Goodbye LED screens? Every wall or surface a potential touchscreen

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Gesture-reading software now enables computing from any type of surface, from walls to tabletops to floors. If it takes off, this new type of system may render today's LED screens and electronic whiteboards obsolete.

The software, available from Ubi software, has recently been released, and operates in conjunction with Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor and a projector.  As explained by TechSpot's David Tom, "the Kinect sensor accurately tracks all user movements, providing the same basic functionality as what we have come to expect with smartphones and tablets."

The most immediate application is business presentations, in which information and graphics can be displayed on a large-size wall. Other scenarios suggested by the vendor include educational settings, in which professors could engage their students by teaching their lesson plan in an interactive lecture hall and retail settings, in which shoppers could still get product information on a retail store window when it was closed.

"Perhaps the biggest advantage of this technology is that it eliminates the expensive screen hardware, dramatically reducing costs," Tom points out.

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Joe McKendrick

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