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Give desks away for free, boost creativity in the workplace

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Can giving away desk space for free boost creativity in the workplace?

A new initiative, titled "Free Desk Here," aims to explore whether creating a physical LinkedIn can be profitable for freelancers and contract workers who need space -- as well as the businesses that give them room.

It's simple. Creative agencies with a free desk in their establishments post a picture of a desk and chair up for grabs on Open Studio, as well as a description of the type of person they want -- whether it be someone creative, a developer or web designer. Once you find a desk you like, you get in touch -- and it's free.

Nick Couch, creator of the service, says that the scheme is a great way to meet new people, but is more personal than simply adding a fellow industry professional on a digital list.

"Guests get a free desk with no strings. They also get to experience the agency’s culture and expand their network," Couch told Fast Co.Exist. "Even the most successful agencies need to constantly look outside their walls for inspiration. 'Free Desk Here' is an opportunity to bring in new people with a complementary skill set that could lead to future project collaborations."

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