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General Motors hires 3,000 workers from HP

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As part of its efforts to reduce its outsourced information technology work, General Motors announced an agreement today with Hewlett-Packard that will move 3,000 of HP's IT workers to GM.

The transition should be smooth as GM's new employees had already been working on projects for the automaker.

“These agreements with HP will enable us to accelerate the progress of our IT transformation by delivering increased innovation and speed of delivery to our GM business partners, and reduce the cost of ongoing IT operations,” said GM Chief Information Officer Randy Mott in a statement. “Transforming our internal IT operations will give us the resources, tools and flexibility we need to provide better services and products to our global GM customers.”

The move is an efficient one for the car company and one that will speed up its plan to decrease outsourced IT work by 90 percent and reduce the number of data centers from 23 worldwide to just two. As part of that plan, GM announced earlier this month that it will bring 1,500 IT jobs back to Detroit.

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