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For American architects, is India the new China?

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Still looking for solid ground after the recession, American architecture firms are participating in a trade mission to India. Sponsored by the International Trade Administration and the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the networking tour is an effort to connect firms from the U.S. with potential clients and partners in government, healthcare, transportation, and mixed use development in India.

Infrastructure will be a particular focus, especially since India's government has set in motion a five year plan to invest $1 trillion on developing its roads and utilities.

"Like other countries, the U.S. too has been hit by recession and, like most other services, architecture too has been adversely affected. With a view to exploring new avenues and to tap the rapidly expanding Indian market, the mission is here," said U.S. Consul General Dean Thompson.

That expanding market offers lots of opportunities for architecture firms, beyond the design-and-walk-away projects that have lured firms to China.

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Sun Kim

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