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Dutch teams join the race 3D printing construction race

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Work is due to begin on the world's first 3D printed canal house, as Dutch architects sign up for the 3D construction frenzy.

There's little doubt that successfully building the world's first 3D printed construction suitable for habitation will bring its own fame and glory. We've already had Dutch firm Universe Architecture declaring its intentions to build an "endless" 3D printed house, and even the European Space Agency has decided to cash in on the technology by 3D printing a moon base.

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However, Dutch architecture studio DUS Architects also want a slice of the action. By using a mobile printing facility, the KamerMaker printer, the team hope to build the first 3D printed canal boat. The printer is able to print rooms with dimensions of 2 x 2 x 3.5 metres, where it will be placed on the building site and begin the three-year printing project. Each part will be tested in a 1:20 scale before full manufacture begins.

The 3D canal boat will be placed by the Buiksloter-canal in northern Amsterdam. Although the construction will only be made from polypropylene in the beginning, the team hope that biomaterials could also be used as the project gains traction.

The project is aimed at research and educating people about the 3D printing process, and the 3D canal boat will be part of a public research center.


Image credit: DUS Architects


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