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Dubai wants to create symbolic smart city

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Dubai's Prime Minister and UAE Vice President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum says that the country will soon become one of the world's "world laboratories," and a new high-tech project will create the best and largest smart city in the world.

Sheikh Mohammed announced the Smart City project on his website, giving directives for a committee to be set up to transform Dubai.

By using cloud computing, NFC technology and Wi-Fi, the leader hopes to create a strong bond between the public and private sectors. Sheikh Mohammed commented:

"As a smart city, government departments will be inter-connected to provide faster services and information to all citizens and guests. We strive to create a new smart concept in running cities."

Remote sensors will be used to integrate data on weather, education, general security, transport and tourist services, including the provision of high-speed Internet services across the city and live information updates.

In addition, state news agency Wam said residents would be able to hold their mobile devices in the direction of stores to receive special offers, and tourist attractions would wirelessly transmit information including background data and opening dates.

On his Twitter feed, Sheikh Mohammed said:

"Technology is there to make people's life happier and easier. Creating an international city model and a new better reality for our people is our purpose."

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