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Do customers like Google Fiber?

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Reviews are in for Google Fiber, Google's super-fast Internet and TV service.

The Kansas City Star conducted an online survey and interview with some of the first customers of the service. Their response? Well, how would you feel if your Internet service was 100 times faster? Scott Canon reports:

Despite some glitches, many talk giddily about living in the first neighborhood in the country to get industrial-strength Internet connections at consumer prices. They’re regularly gleeful that they’ve found a new, endearingly attentive company willing to fill their TV screens with programming.

The main glitches seem to come from the TV service, but even then:

“The customer service is outstanding. They’re very apologetic if there’s a problem. They do their best to take care of things,” said Jennifer Tuttle, whose home was hooked up in November. “It’s not something you’re used to with that kind of service.”

The question is: will Google, the new cable company on the block, be able to keep up this level of service as it expands? We'll soon find out. The service is expanding to Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. Still, Google seems to be going at its own pace and not trying to grow Fiber too large, too fast. That's a good thing if it wants to stay off this list, which many cable companies have made over the years.

Google Fiber earns good grades from early customers [Kansas City Star]

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