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Company proposes turning the Moon into Earth's solar plant

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We are used to harnessing the sun's power on Earth, but once fossil fuels dwindle, we are still likely to be left with an energy shortfall. However, if a Japanese company's dreams are realized, Moon real estate could provide us with solar energy for generations to come.

The Shimizu Corporation has proposed a strip of solar cells 11,000 miles long on the Moon's surface. The construction of the solar cells -- dubbed the "lunar ring" -- would take decades; involving material transport from Earth of ceramics, water, oxygen, glass and concrete, as well as the construction of robots to operate the ring alongside astronauts.

Microwave and laser energy collected from the lunar ring will then be beamed to energy conversion facilities on our planet -- where semiconductors and inverters will convert the energy to clean electricity in the grid. As a result, households and businesses will have access to the space-collected resources, according to the firm.

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