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Colombia is crowdfunding its tallest skyscraper

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Bogotá, Colombia, is building its tallest skyscraper. But it isn't doing it with financing from an extremely wealthy investor. Instead, the the project is being crowdfunded. An infrastructure investment by the people.

Already, BD Bacatá, the proposed $240 million, 66-story tower has more than 3,000 backers investing $145 million in the project.

As SmartPlanet's Laura Shin showed us, crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter can be a bad investment. But this is a different model. People can buy affordable shares of the building -- known as FiDis -- and actually get a return on investment if the building is profitable. A potentially better deal than not getting your Kickstarter reward after backing a cool product with a catchy 2-minute video. Check out the video for more details from FiDi Global, the group behind this effort. Here are more details from the group:

What do you think? Is this a good way for cities to get infrastructure capital for major projects?

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Photo: BD Bacatá/Facebook

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