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Brad Pitt builds design credibility

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PP-2 bed designed by Brad Pitt

For some celebrities, seeing their names in lights isn't enough. These days the likes of Katie Holmes and Tiger Woods want to see their names on clothing tags, shopping bags, and golf courses. Perhaps the least surprising addition to actors adding designer to their resume is Brad Pitt. In a move to build his design credibility, the Academy Award nominated actor is launching a line of furniture with luxury furniture designer Frank Pollaro.

Pitt is no stranger to the worlds of design and architecture. He has interned with celebrated architect Frank Gehry and runs Make It Right, a non-profit organization that provides affordable houses designed by notable architects.

Previews of the designs have received mixed reviews from fans, designers, and journalists. The general consensus of major design players in a New York Times article leaned toward Pitt sticking to his well paying day job.

Although the custom seating, tables, bed, and bathtub is a somewhat schizophrenic group, Pitt should at least be acknowledged for his actual involvement and investment in his furniture line. Unlike other celebrity designers whose only real contribution is a signature, each of the pieces in the Pitt Pollaro collection came from Pitt's sketchbook.

Celebrity does come with a price and in the case of the Pitt Pollaro collection, that price is high. As in over $40,000 for a chair high. The furniture will be revealed this week in New York City and photos can be seen on the Pitt Pollaro website.

Via: Architectural Digest, NYTimes
Image: Pitt Pollaro

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