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Apple invades the home with Internet of Things appliance platform

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Apple plans to launch a 'smart home platform' in coming weeks, a system which will allow users to control their home appliances through iOS devices.

Due for launch at next month's Worldwide Developer Conference, the "software platform" will connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices including lighting, security and home appliances to smartphones and tablets. Based on Apple's iOS operating system, third-party developers will be able to use the platform to create control systems for appliances connected to the automation software.

The Financial Times says that Apple has held talks with a select group of smart home appliance makers in order to launch the platform with compatible devices on the outset, and the connected home system is likely to encourage users to purchase iOS-based products -- or potentially Apple-branded home devices in the future.

The move in to smart home systems follows the acquisition of Nest Labs -- a creator of Web-connected thermostats and smoke alarms -- by Google in January, and Samsung's launch in to the market with a smart range of washing machines and televisions controllable via mobile devices.

The potential of smart home systems has yet to be exploited. A few examples include using your tablet or smartphone to change the channel on the TV, controlling when appliances turn on and function, setting lights to automatically turn off and on depending on time, and monitoring cameras and security placed around the home. As exciting as the technology is, however, maintaining strong security for connected devices remains a concern.

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