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A ring which controls everything with the crook of your finger

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Wearable technology is a hot topic this year, but going beyond smart watches and fitness gadgets, one company wants to create a sensor-laden ring to enable users to complete tasks in the physical world by waving their fingers in the air.

From writing a cheque to turning on household appliances or sending a text, the creators of Ring envision Kinect-esque technology use in our daily lives.

Ring is simply named: a chunky, silver piece of jewellery filled with Bluetooth technology, touch sensors, a vibration motor, motion sensors and an LED display. Capable of syncing with your smartphone, the ring will interpret your hand gestures and perform activities based on your scrawling.

Smartphone applications will each be given an individual symbol that users will rawl in the air for different tasks. A simplified camera scrawl could take a picture, or a text could be written out in the air and then converted and sent to a recipient. In addition, the developers want to include payment gateway methods.

Want to turn the lights down in your smart home? Draw a lamp and then indicate the level of brightness you want by moving your finger up or down.

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 This sort of technology has drawn the eye and imagination of many backers, and at the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has reached $450,373, far beyond its original asking price of $250,000.

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