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A DRM protected chair that explodes after use

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Few of us are are fans of DRM, but what if your household furniture had the same protection?

First reported by Co.Design, digital rights management (DRM) software and user rights management (URM) appears to be breaking away from its stereotypical use with ebooks or music, and can now be integrated into more tangible goods.

A team of inventors from Switzerland have now created the "DRM chair," a prototype piece of furniture which can be programmed to accept a certain amount of "sittings" before becoming as useless as the DVD rental that you let expire.

The 48-hour project involved the creation of chair with inbuilt pressure sensors that once activated eight times, would send an electrical current to the joints of the chair -- resulting in melted joints and the furniture's abrupt collapse.

If this kind of user rights' management was integrated with your coffee table, television set or other rented items, just think of the possibilities.

(via Co.Design)


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