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A 3D scanner for iPad

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Last month Makerbot unveiled a 3D scanner that scans objects to be printed on a 3D printer with the user only needing limited knowledge of modeling software.

Now, that concept is going mobile with the world's first 3D scanner for mobile devices.

The Structure Sensor attaches to iPads and unlike most other 3D scanners it gives you the ability to make digital models of objects just about anywhere and the flexibility to make digital models of small objects or entire rooms because it doesn't have the limitations of a fixed scanning base.

The device will make 3D printing easier, no doubt. But it should also help the design world. If you're an interior designer it wouldn't take long to get the dimensions of a room for a new project. Or if you come across an object that could inspire a new design you could quickly make a digital model and share it with your colleagues.

The device is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and it's proving to be a hot item priced at $349. After only a day the Structure Sensor has already more than tripled its $100,000 goal.

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